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Design Goals

  • Automation of the existing parking systems to reduce the staffing requirements for traffic control within the facility

  • Guiding the driver to find a parking space in a more efficient & convenient way.

  • Reservation of the parking lots whenever or wherever for the customers

  • Parking lot statistics/report generation made easy for the parking administrators

  • Provide a long-term car parking solution for users & operators.


Customer loyalty: Finding a parking lot effortlessly increases customer satisfaction and builds customer rapport with the Parking Management System, thereby stimulating positive responses from customers to return and reuse the facility.


Congestion Control: Possible jams can be minimised and controlled, especially at peak hours, using entrance displays, updated in real time, with the available parking status. This facilitates the customer with prior knowledge about parking vacancies even before entering the facility.

Time Saving: Customers can access vacant parking lots without wasting time driving around looking for a place to park. Guiding displays within the facility prompt the driver, with parking information in each of the parking bays therefore allowing him to steer to the optimal parking lot. This is critical, particularly during peak hours when few parking lots are vacant and customers take time finding them.

Parking Administration: A user friendly Graphical Interface enhances parking administration for the administrator of the system. It updates the administration about the occupancy status of the Parking facility.

Parking Reservation: Customers can reserve their parking lots for specified durations of time on any given date. The reservation can be booked well in advance through either mediums of Online Internet Reservations or SMS Reservations.

Multi Faceted Savings: Reduced fossil fuel emissions due to smoother commuting within the parking facility, optimal revenue generation schemes and reduced manpower within the facility.